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Update:  As many of you will have seen in news reports, police officers cracked down on the Freedom Convoy on Friday, February 18 and Saturday, February 19. I was arrested in The Shed at gunpoint and later released. The cameras on The Shed captured the police actions up and down Wellington Street. You can watch that footage, and the last stand at The Shed, here.

The truckers put everything on the line, losing their trucks, licences and bank accounts and some are facing criminal charges. The truckers have done their part but it’s time for every Canadian to carry the torch of freedom that our heroes lit for us. We will continue to share their stories. I will also be available for interviews. – David Paisley


The Shed Media is located on the back of a black Freightliner truck right in front of the beautiful Peace Tower and the Parliament buildings at Metcalfe Street and Wellington Street. David Paisley, a street captain with the Freedom Convoy, as well as truckers, small business owners, and ordinary men and women who are fueling Canada’s exploding grassroots movement, will be sharing their stories live from the centre of this historic protest.

The Shed Media is a team of truckers and working-class, freedom-loving Canadians. We are in the nation’s capital because our governments have spent two years locking us down, imposing unethical mandates on Canadians, and demonizing those who disagree with them. They can’t ignore us if we’re on their front lawn, livestreaming the truth to the world. We will be here until the mandates are lifted and Prime Minister Trudeau apologizes for smearing honest, hard-working Canadians.

The mainstream media wants you to believe that the convoy is filled with fringe figures and racists. We’d like to introduce you to the real faces of this amazing Canadian story.

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